About Orthomobility

Orthomobility is a family-run business based in the heart of the Culham Science Centre in Oxfordshire, UK. Founded in 2004, Orthomobility specialises in the design and manufacture of prosthetic knee joints based on our patented fluidic processor. The design of our Very Good Knee (VGK) range has been supported by nearly two decades of clinical experience in the UK’s NHS. We also work closely with amputees to continuously improve our understanding of their needs.

Our goal is to design products that can inspire an amputee’s confidence and independence. The foundation of confidence is trust in the knee joint, which is why all our knee joints feature stance security and stumble recovery as a given. Beyond this, we believe that there is no “average amputee” and work to design and develop products for a variety of specialised needs. For example, the VGK-S is the world’s first and only knee joint specifically designed for short-stump amputees. The VGK-XS was specially designed for children and adolescents, and has all the functionality of an adult VGK.

Find out more about the Very Good Knee (VGK) range, or read about our Fluidic Processor Knees (FPKs).

Orthomobility Ltd. is certified to ISO 9001:2015.
The Quality Policy is available to interested parties upon request.