Product disposal after use

Product is placed on the market under controlled conditions, i.e. devices are traceable.

Our products support amputee needs. These needs may change over time, or for other reasons the product may no longer be used by the original user, and may  need to be disposed of. Due to the the Requirements for substances in articles   disposal of the product should be compliant with the knowledge of product containing 3% w/w mineral oil. To ensure continued traceability of our (uniquely serial numbered products), these must not be auctioned on ‘e-Bay’, ‘Facebook’ or similar market places.

If your product is no longer needed, discard of it as a ‘used medical device’ in compliance with local regulations, and avoid risk that another person will use it.

A person who uses a discarded product, outside the regulated supply chain, hereby is plainly informed that unregulated bought/sold or other handed-down product cannot be supported by our company, and fall outside the scope of our liability.

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