Privacy policy

Notice: This page is interpretation to be compliant with EU GDPR laws, and is our communication to you how we interpret the law.

Email, attachments and contact forms

When you (patient, business, prospective business) write to us by email, your email will be retained indefinitely, inclusive of your email address, your name, and content of your email, unless you indicate the removal of your email PRIOR to us responding to you. Once we respond to you the correspondence will be a permanent record of our response and / or advice to you.

When you use our contact form, a copy of the information will be retained indefinitely. This information may include your name, email address, and any other contents supplied in the form. The information is solely used for customer service purposes, but we do not use the information submitted through contact forms for marketing purposes.

Our email records do not form part of a filing system other than the find and sorting facilities offered within Google mail servers. Our email retention system does not propagate your information to any other system on an automated basis.

We will not seek to contact you through mailing lists unless you specifically sign up for any newsletter or other means of us contacting you, nor do we pass on you email on to third parties not related to our supply chain.

For professional reasons, we may pass your email onto our distributors in your country, with or without your consent. We retain the right to pass on your information requests to our distributors or related clinics if:

  • we deem them to be better placed your answer your question,
  • we deem that our contracts or agreements that are in place prior to your writing to us, demand upholding our existing trust relationships. In other words, the intent to comply with data-protection cannot be expected to be used as a means to force secrecy if that would harm our business or individuals. If you cannot agree to this, preferably do not contact us, or if you insist on contacting us, indicate your disagreement with our retained rights in your writing so we can choose to not respond, and/or delete your mail immediately to protect your wishes.

Email containing hate, maliciousness, threats, or other potential criminal content may be shared with relevant authorities without us notifying you, in order to protect our legitimate business interests, and the interests of our clients and other associates.

Cookie Policy

This section is designed to explain what cookies are and how makes use of them. It will also explain how you can manage cookies within your browser and suggest some useful external resources for finding out more about cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and enable websites to save basic information such as user preferences or language selection. This means that the next time you visit the website your settings are remembered and the correct information is displayed. Find out more about cookies.

How we use cookies does not currently make use of any cookies.

How do I turn off cookies?

It is possible to turn off cookies so that no information is used. Please note that this will significantly reduce the usability of our website and we do not recommend it. Cookie management is done through your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome) and every browser is slightly different. Use the following links to find out how to manage cookies in your browser:

More information

We do NOT use advertising or advertising cookies on . However, if you are concerned about the use of advertising cookies in general then Your Online Choices website has more detailed information.

The Information Commissioner’s Office website contains more details on Cookie Law as well as other laws and information regarding your personal information.

Personal Data, Images and Illustrations Policy uses images of product and individuals using our product. Orthomobility only uses images of individuals in the understanding to have their consent. “Consent” is understood to mean the following:

… consent must be freely given

When we ask for an image to be used in our publications, we explain that:

  • the image may be used on our website, and such photography will be shown to the individual prior to any publication, and such photo may include face, exclude face, include body, exclude body. When the face is excluded this will be understood to represent anonymity. However will comply with removal of images off our site if the photographic subject withdraws their consent for any part of their body, anonymous or not, to be stored in our data retention and publication systems. Orthomobility cannot remove image copies from web-bots, caches, other print-screen and other means of the creation of non-intended copies. For the time being, understand that photography and film about people using our product does not link to any name, or other means to trace an individual.

consent must be specific 

 It’s not possible to ask for a generic consent from individuals, consent should be specific on it’s intended purpose, underlying processing approach, what kind of data is processing and how long data will be kept with the business etc.. Hence we declare that the purpose for us asking for permission of using your image is for:

  • product promotion by showing the product in action and in use to allow prospective buyers to form a realistic idea about its use that cannot be had from the product image alone.
  • role modelling: amputees do not often see each other because the use of an artificial limb is often an object to be hidden to the world, despite the need to have the product be seen used by ‘others’  to form ideas about post-amputation life and living. On the basis of supporting human need, may seek your consent to have your images published.
  • teaching and training: clinicians need to treat the effects of amputation with advice, and with an artificial limb, and they are in need of text and photographic material to convey and illustrate information in printed text, powerpoint presentations, website.

… consent must be informed

 -An individual should be informed that he/she is consenting to process his/her personal data: for photography we do this verbally and/or in writing.

-additionally the individual should be aware the rights on given consent such as right to withdraw the given consent: you can write to any time to indicate any withdrawal of your consent for us to make further use of data or images we may hold of you, or further anonymise any such data if that is what you would consent to.

Further processing organizations should make sure that language, images, graphics etc. used in the consent are well understood by the individuals, it’s not legitimate to get a consent by misleading individuals or giving hidden information. We provide the link to this policy at the footer of our website to maximise the being ‘informed’.

Online Courses run an online course for VGK-S with the sole purpose to maximise our opportunities to keep the instructions for use up to date, so you have the latest version.

Users of our website are NOT allowed to make copies, prints, screenshots, or other reproductions of our website, other than the downloads that are made available for that use. If now or in the future we indicate that downloads and copies made available need to be removed, you agree to cooperate.

The online course has an associated TEST with it, that healthcare professionals, sales agents are required to undertake prior to selling, promoting or most importantly fitting the VGK-S to the amputee’s prosthesis.

To enable us to track and keep record of your certification to fit VGK-S, we retain records of your e-mail and name and some other data the forms call for, and the records of your test results. This information is part of the company records, not data is not shared with others. We reserve the right to email you in case of a significant change to the online course material on VGK-S, but will refrain from sending out marketing material unless you specifically opted in for receiving such material. You can write to us to opt-out of receiving any such material.

Whereas we must retain your test submission, the results will not be made public, nor will be made available to other parties, other than our distributors by indication that you have done the test and are cleared to use the product.

Social Media Plug-Ins & YouTube

This website does not use social media plug-ins. Until further notice, Orthomobility do not post video on You-Tube.

Non-Consent and Continuous improvement of our Policy.

If you cannot consent to our use of your data, but if caring for you client requires you to do the online test, you can write to us indicating your issues (prior to submitting your test results), and this may support to continuous improvement of our policy.

We may from time to time improve and adjust our Privacy Policy, and any such update of our Privacy Policy will replace any previous policy, as if it had been in force as from 25-May-2018. We will not write to you about any changes. If you detect a change you cannot consent to, you can in line with the Data Protection laws withdraw your consent.